Tadaa, we’re proudly presenting Leankoala 2.4.0 and the first edition of our release notes on our blog! We’re aiming high with our mission to completely automate the testing and monitoring cycle within an easiest-to-use SaaS. This version is packed with awesome new features, your inner koala will be delighted!

We’ve added Google mobile pagespeed to our checks and we’re also storing your data which lets you look into why your site has been losing speed.

Our wizard is getting smarter each release, he is now able to detect new checks and collections available for your page type and will automatically suggest them.

A site-specific help button on each Leankoala page will hopefully answer any question to us immediately.

We’ve added a strict mode to our event identifier which is now also visible on the dashboard as well as the incident history.

Aliases and redirects can now be checked with Leankoala.

Our RSS Validator is now integrating directly with the w3c validator.

Our inventory of ready-to-use recipes/collections has been updated with Trustpilot Trustbox, Google Tag Manager, Bootstrap Carousel, Typekit Font, Google Font Loader, Google Maps, Facebook Pixel, Price (Euro) – just add them to your system.

Incident history now shows if our tools have encountered a timeout running a check (30 seconds)

Plus…a bunch of bug fixes and usability improvements…one step closer to our smooth automator.


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