The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is currently keeping anyone busy whose business is even to the least extent operating online – so basically everyone. With its deadline of coming into effect approaching on May 25th, we have compiled an easy way to check and monitor your websites for GDPR compliance.

At Leankoala, we’re also working on implementing all necessary changes within our websites and communication measures such as Emails or Re-Marketing. Especially data privacy statements and accessible and transparent opt-in/opt-out information regarding the collection and storage of your users’ data will have to be revisited.

With hefty fines awaiting companies caught breaching GDPR requirements, we’re offering you a simple guide on how to easily monitor your websites’ compliance continuously.

Monitor GDPR changes on your websites

Amending your websites with GDPR compliant information can be tested efficiently with our Textpresent, XPath and CookieCount checks – three out of more than twenty checks included in our SaaS.

With those three simple and automated website checks you will be able to check for specific text patterns or links on every site (e.g. “imprint” or “data privacy” or “unsubscribe”) or on single pages of your entire website (like mandatory legal formulations in your terms and conditions or opt-out links). Furthermore you can ensure no 3rd party cookies that are not transparently communicated to the user will be placed in their browsers.

Continuously monitoring your websites for GDPR compliance is just that simple with Leankoala, you just need to keep running those checks and our fluffy and friendly software will alert you quicker than anyone else (especially unhappy clients or lawyers) if one of your mandatories go missing after a deployment.

Thanks to Leankoala you will be able to sleep soundly regarding your websites’ GDPR readiness. Even better: You will be able to focus on the most essential things instead – your product.

Any questions regarding monitoring GDPR compliance with Leankoala? Get in touch at or test our software for free – we’re happy to help you set up your testing and monitoring!